Saturday, January 7, 2012

Animal Magnetism

Animal magnetism is a theory developed within the eighteen century through Franz Anton Mesmer. The time period of animal magnetism initially signified a magnetic fluid or airy medium dwelling in the our bodies of animate beings, as postulated through Franz Mesmer.

In his doctoral dissertation - De planetarum influxu in corpus humanum (On the Affect of the Planets at the Human Body) in 1776, Mesmer talks about how planets have an effect on health. Mesmer claimed that he and everyone possessed animal magnetism, which might help to heal the ill and cure the blind. Is that this true, in point of fact?

Magnetic Therapeutic

As mentioned above, Mesmer believed the ability of magnet and its use for healing. Mesmer claimed there was magnetic float in all the objects, however from time to time it disturbed on some items and needed to restore.

But later on his therapy, Mesmer noticed that he could heal sufferers with out the usage of any magnets, which means that that there were mental elements in the therapeutic of patients.

Mesmer found out that he didn't need magnets to heal somebody, even sitting in a magnetic water or the use of magnetic poles helped his patients to get the same results. He could evoke his clients exciting behaviours from slumbering to dancing to having convulsions.

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